Free demo of the Hintbox

If you are looking for a digital ISO-certified whistleblowing system, then simply and conveniently arrange a demo appointment with us.

Steps to demo

  1. All you have to do is select an appointment in the calendar and fill out & submit the contact form.
  2. You will then receive a personal introduction to our digital whistleblowing system.
  3. In case of further questions, a personal contact will be at your disposal.

Your benefits

  • You will receive all information about the EU Whistleblower Directive.
  • Brand your Hintbox with your corporate colors, logo and text to meet your needs.
  • Anonymous & personalized case recording.
  • Predefined steps to deal with the reported cases.
  • Simple management of the notes through integrated case management.
  • Intelligent mechanisms that enable you to reliably meet deadlines.

Benefit from an early implementation of a whistleblower system

By providing the Hintbox free of charge, you can familiarize yourself with whistleblower systems in order to be best prepared after the implementation of the directive into national law. Test the integration of a whistleblower system into your global IT infrastructure, improve possible errors and sensitize your employees for whistleblowing already now. As an entrepreneur, you should seize the opportunities offered by whistleblower systems in order to improve the working climate, avert economic damage or protect your reputation.
If you would like to know more about why it makes sense to implement whistleblowing now, read our blog post Illegal activities in the workplace: High readiness for whistleblowing. In our blog you will also find many other exciting articles on the subject of whistleblowing, whistleblower systems and Hintbox. You can also buy the Hintbox for a price of 79€ per month.

What you have to do for one year Hintbox free of charge

A free annual license of the Hintbox can be obtained very easily. The development of our whistleblowing system is very advanced, so we are ready to offer the Hintbox for sale in a few months. Therefore, we would like to reward all companies that are already using the Hintbox and give us qualitative feedback. All you have to do is fill out our form and within a short time you will receive the access data for your Hintbox.

Functionalities of the Hintbox

The Hintbox offers you a lot of functionalities that make case handling as easy as possible for you as a company. In addition to the anonymous submission of tips by whistleblowers, you can customize the Hintbox to best suit your business environment. In addition to the adaptation of your own process steps for the correct processing of hints, you can also adapt the Hintbox graphically and in color to the needs of your company. Should you require further information on the functionalities of the whistleblowing system, you will find it on the startpage. Alternatively, you can of course contact us at any time.