The whistleblowing system for public bodies and public administration

With the Hintbox, public sector legal entities and entities owned or controlled by such a legal entity meet the requirements for implementing a whistleblower system in accordance with the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive (2019/1937).

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Implementation of the Whistleblower Directive in Public Administration

Legally Compliant Implementation of the Whistleblower Directive in Public Administration

Adaptation to the respective management structure

The Hintbox can be technically customized according to the respective administrative, authority and office structure.

Secure and DSGVO compliant solution

The Hintbox complies with all data protection and data security requirements in accordance with the DSGVO, the BDSG and the state data protection laws applicable to the respective public bodies in the federal states.

High economic efficiency

With our Hintbox, we offer public administrations an economical digital solution for implementing the Whistleblower Directive.

Art. 8 (1) and (9) of the EU Whistleblower Directive prescribes a corresponding introduction of a whistleblower system in principle also for legal entities in the public sector.

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Added value for public administration


Strengthening trust in the administration

The Hintbox strengthens trust in the public administration among citizens, employees of the authority as well as business partners.

The whistleblower system serves the public administration as a central software tool for secure authority compliance against corruption and irregularities.

Minimize risks

A whistleblower system supports public corporations and their authorities in preventing or minimizing economic damage or loss of reputation.

Immediately after receiving a report of an irregularity, a neutral person or body can initiate appropriate follow-up measures to investigate the matter further and prevent damage to the public administration.


Protect employees of the authority

With our Hintbox, an even more legally compliant behavior and trusting working atmosphere can be created in the authority.

Early and decisive action by employees is strengthened and facilitated by anonymous whistleblowing.

The HINTBOX strengthens additional trust in the integrity, neutrality and objectivity of public administration. The Hintbox can be another instrument of the administration to “nip in the bud” the suspicion of an “evil appearance” of the administration, in that public authority employees and citizens have the possibility to report irregularities and violations of the law via the digital whistleblower system to a neutral person or body – also anonymously. This neutral person or body can then initiate follow-up measures and manage them via the Hintbox.

Our case studies

Gift or a reward, commissions and other benefits. These terms may constitute unauthorized gratuities under certain circumstances. Who likes to blackball their colleagues? Probably only a few exceptional cases.

If, on the other hand, the public administration offers a whistleblower system that also allows anonymous reports, more cases of corruption can be uncovered and prevented in the future. This further strengthens trust in the lawfulness of the administration.

A civil servant approved numerous building applications even though the requirements under building law were not met. The official receives monetary benefits for this.

With the help of a whistleblower system, this illegal action could possibly have been stopped or contained at an early stage.

A public employee and a public official award contracts over a period of years and receive non-cash benefits in return from bidders who won the contract.

These violations could potentially have been reported through a whistleblower system to prevent further violations.

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