Features of the Hintbox

A simple digital whistleblowing system not only protects companies and organisations from economic damage and loss of reputation, but also preserves the anonymity of whistleblowers. Below you will find further insights into the features and functions of the whistleblower system, their benefits and more information.

More about the features
Hinweisgebersystem Darstellung

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Server Hintbox

Certified hosting in Germany

Our customer instances are hosted exclusively in a German and certified data center. Since data protection is important to us, each customer receives its own independent instance and the data is stored and processed separately per customer.

Anonymous dialogue

If the whistleblower decides to submit a report completely anonymously, the Hintbox still ensures secure and anonymous communication between the whistleblower and the company’s compliance officer.

After submitting a report, login data is generated for the user. With these, the whistleblower can log into his Hintbox at any time, write messages, upload additional files or create a new report.



Anymous message

Case management

The integrated triage system evaluates incoming cases and prioritizes them automatically. Compliance officers and case processors within the company can change the status of the report or the processor.

In the Hintbox dashboard, processors can quickly view open cases and their status thanks to an overview.



Case support with processing steps

The Hintbox accompanies compliance officers and processors in organizing the next steps and stores the course of previous interactions. Thus, a smooth and company-wide homogeneous processing of cases is possible.

If desired, the processor can inform the reporter about the processing status and the measures already taken with one click.


Process steps

Multilingualism (9 languages)

The Hintbox is available in German, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese. Other languages can easily be added upon request.

Not only is the system fully translated into the languages, but companies have the possibility to customize individual legal texts in different languages.

2 factor authentication

With the 2-factor authentication you additionally secure your account. When you log in, a unique code is sent to your e-mail address, which you can use to confirm your login. Thus, your account is safe, even if attackers have come into possession of your access data.

The 2-factor authentication also takes effect for critical change actions within your account, such as changing the e-mail address or the password.


2 factor authentication
Deadline management

Deadline management

With the Hintbox you will not miss any deadlines when processing cases. The EU Whistleblower Directive provides, among other things, some deadlines which must be met.

The Hintbox actively supports you in meeting the deadlines, such as the feedback to the reporter about the current processing status and some other deadlines.


Automated communication

The Hintbox takes over many parts of the communication between the detector and the processor. If a message is received, the Hintbox immediately confirms the receipt of the message. The reporter immediately receives the notice in his anonymous mailbox or as an e-mail to his specified address.

Compliance officers and case handlers have, among other things, the possibility to inform the whistleblower about the status of the processing with one click. The text is prepared by the Hintbox, but can be customized in the settings.


System message
Export Report

PDF export

If you want to archive individual reports locally or route a report to additional people who do not have access to the Hintbox, you can export reports as PDFs with just one click.



Customizing of texts and interface

Companies can customize the Hintbox as they wish. Not only can you store a company color and logo.

Also any legal texts, notification mails and texts can be edited and customized when creating a report.


Export Report

Multi-client capability

Corporations or groups of companies can create additional companies. When submitting a report, whistleblowers will then be able to select a specific company to which the report applies. Within the dashboard, whistleblowers can view the company and adjust it if necessary.



Of course, we regularly optimize the Hintbox, provide updates and implement new features.

The following functions are ready for you next

– “End to End Encrypted”-Reports –

– Conversion of e-mails to the Hintbox –

Automatic acceptance of cases by phone bot

– Artificial Intelligence –

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