As a holistic whistleblowing system allrounder, the HINTBOX offers the highest level of protection for whistleblowers and the simplest usability for those processing the cases. All data is of course stored in encrypted form in certified data centres in Germany. This ensures the highest level of data security for customers and users of the HINTBOX.

Remain anonymous or not?

The whistleblower can decide whether the report is to be submitted anonymously or with personal contact details as early as the reporting stage. This provides protection against reprisals and prevents damage to the company’s reputation at an early stage. After successfully submitting the report via encrypted communication, the whistleblower receives access to an automatically generated account. Via this account, the whistleblower can communicate anonymously or subsequently attach information or documents to the report. The anonymity of the whistleblower is thus preserved and the whistleblowers can refrain from using private mail addresses.

Modernise the letterbox & have the whistleblower system work with you

In contrast to static reporting channels, such as a letterbox or email, the HINTBOX supports you in meeting deadlines set for the company. The HINTBOX automatically confirms the receipt of a report in accordance with the guidelines. Processors also have the option of informing the whistleblower of the current status within 3 months of receipt of a report. For this purpose, the HINTBOX can automatically generate a text that contains the work steps that have already been completed. Conformity with the Whistleblower Directive is thus ensured by the HINTBOX with just a few clicks.

The HINTBOX suggests different categories for which tips can be given. Depending on which category was specified when reporting a case, processors receive an organisational guideline for the structured, effective and efficient processing of a case. However, if company-specific changes to these processing steps are necessary, they can be easily changed and adapted via the settings of the HINTBOX. In addition to adapting the process steps, you can also define your own categories and have incoming cases prioritised automatically via a triage system.

Installation of the Hintbox within a few minutes

The HINTBOX covers all possible functionalities and requirements for an audit-proof and simple whistleblower system and is also suitable for small and medium-sized companies thanks to the extremely simple implementation and provision within a few minutes. As soon as the HINTBOX is available in winter 2020, after entering your personal data and company information, you will configure the safe HINTBOX with just a few clicks. Our whistleblower system will then be made available automatically and is ready to go.
The users of the HINTBOX then have direct options for customising and branding the software. With just a few clicks, users can upload the colour of the HINTBOX and their own company logo. In this way, you can provide your company’s stakeholders with a signposting system adapted to your CI.

If you have any further questions about the whistleblowing all-rounder HINTBOX, you can of course contact us free of charge and without obligation. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss any news.

We will of course inform you via all our channels when the HINTBOX is available.